Areas of application:

1. Disinfection and decontamination of the water of open swimming and health pools, fountains, water parks, artificial reservoirs with fresh and sea water.
2. Disinfection of “bowls” and equipment of swimming pools.


1. Effectively disinfects water even at a water temperature above 40 ° C.
2. Does not require additional equipment.
3. Water after the addition of the product does not change color and odor; does not cause allergies, does not irritate the skin and mucous membranes.
4. Prevents reproduction of algae.
5. It has antimicrobial action against bacteria, and also destroys viruses and fungi (including spore-forming forms, yeasts, molds, etc.).
6. Does not have a mutagenic and carcinogenic effect.
7. Ecologically safe (water from the pool can be used for irrigation).
8. A long period of disinfection of the pool water is 60 days.
9. Low consumption of funds for processing: 1 liter of concentrate per 2.5 m3 of water; further, the concentration of silver is maintained by the addition of Silversil Basis (400 ml per 10 m3) and depends on the load on the pool during operation (removal of water on bodies, natural evaporation, heavy rains, etc.).
10. Water treatment and disinfection for growing plants in open and closed ground, disinfection of air and constructions of greenhouses and greenhouses, as well as warehouses and storage facilities for fruit and vegetable and other food products.
11. Disinfecting treatment of industrial and commercial premises, external surfaces of technological and commercial equipment, premises with increased requirements for sanitation, incl. in medical institutions.
12. Disinfection of all types of air conditioning systems of premises and cars.
13. Effective removal of black mold with prolonging effect.

Composition / Packaging / Cost

composition: a solution of silver citrate (active silver not less than 0.3 g / l) and copper citrate (active copper, not less than 0.1 g / l)
packing: volume 1 liter (polymer bottle), volume 5 liters (canister).
the cost of the concentrate is 46 BYN with VAT per 1 liter

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